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What’s Your Real Worth?
24 Aug 2016 What’s Your Real Worth?

Trying to get a handle on what you’re worth? Sure, you can consult online salary guides as a start, but all guides aren’t created equal. Most only provide a broad-based range of salaries for a ..

Make performance reviews work for everyone
24 Aug 2016 Make performance reviews work for everyone

Giving feedback is an important part of managing a team, and while performance reviews can be a useful tool as part of a broader feedback system, it’s important to understand how to make the most of..

Dealing with the downsides of an open-plan office
24 Aug 2016 Dealing with the downsides of an open-plan office

For many businesses, open-plan layouts foster productivity, collaboration and communication between colleagues – factors that enable team members to work swiftly towards common goals. But according ..

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Lloyd Morgan is a leading recruitment consultancy listed in the Australian Securities Exchange. Established in 1984, we have over 30 years of expertise consulting companies in attracting the best talent in the market as well as helping professionals identify the most suitable career opportunities. As one of the leading recruitment companies in China since 2007, we are committed to delivering localized services using international methodology.