Country Controllership Senior Manager

Job description



  • Ensure the accuracy and completeness of the country’s financial reporting in accordance with relevant local and global accounting standards, meeting internal and external deadlines. Provide country leadership with statutory financial support and information with regard to income tax, VAT and mandatory government distributions pertaining to the relevant country. Collaborate with local finance teams (e.g. Tax) to ensure reporting is accurate for leadership to sign off.


 Job responsibilities:

Your role includes some or all of the following key responsibilities. You should review these in conjunction with career level guidelines to gain a clear understanding of the expectations for your role.

  • Create and review local cost and bill rate tables for use across all workforces
  • Manage multiple functional areas in day-to-day controllership operations
  • Coordinate management review of service providers (e.g. Shared Services)
  • Serve as knowledge expert resource for other finance groups (e.g. accounting/control requirements)
  • Perform monthly review of financial results with local relevant finance teams, for review with the geographic finance leadership
  • Review/approve various journal entries/adjusting entries over the relevant thresholds as per policy
  • Perform compliance reviews of various internal controls and procedures (participation/management of control reviews of key areas with financial impact)
  • Prepare and review internal management and status reporting
  • Counsel and mentor the development of controllership personnel team
  • Responsible for special projects pertaining to their geography as needed, including reviewing and evaluating complex specific accounting transactions/treatment and providing requested support from other organizations within company on significant accounting transactions and/or business events
  • Ensure compliance at set up stage of acquisitions/new legal entities, etc.
  • Maintain a deep knowledge/skills in accounting, financial, local and global GAAP and/or internal controls

 Value Creator

  • Establish self as expert or key contributor
  • Increase client/customer or user satisfaction
  • Make/propose improvements to work products, services or processes

Business Operator

  • Comply with the company standards, procedures and policies
  • Meet deliverable requirements/service level measures/specific targets
  • Reduce/Manage risks to tasks, activities or projects

People Developer

  • Build skills (self or others) needed to execute responsibilities
  • Effectively coach/counsel others and provide feedback to improve performance
  • Maximize individual/team productivity to build or maintain a high quality team

 Career Level Expectations

Below are the expectations for all employees in this role. Please note that additional criteria may apply in some countries. If your home country appears in the “Country Specific Information” link at right, please click the country name to view the applicable expectations for this role.



Degree of difficulty of an assignment or the level of problem-solving assessment and resolution required, as indicated by degree of problem-solving, strategic vs. routine focus, and stakeholder interactions (e.g., Executives, Supervisor, etc.)

  • Requires identifying and assessing complex problems for area(s) of responsibility. Creates solutions in situations in which analysis requires in-depth knowledge of organizational objectives.
  • Requires involvement in setting strategic direction to establish near-term goals for area(s) of responsibility.
  • Interaction is with senior management levels at a client and/or within the company, involving negotiating or influencing on significant matters.


Power to influence or complete assignments independently and ability to make decisions, as indicated by latitude to devise work products or plans, reliance on instruction and decision-making ability

  • Latitude in decision-making and determination of objectives and approaches to critical assignments

Impact or Decision Impact

Risk or consequences in the event of failure, as indicated by range of expected impact, such as within a team or across a team or area of responsibility and level of risk

  • Decisions have a lasting impact on area of responsibility with the potential to impact areas outside of own responsibility


Degree of accountability for assigned tasks, our clients and/or the organization, as indicated by size of work effort and scale of entity and/or program

  • Manages large teams and/or work efforts at a client or within the company


Job requirements:

  • Financial analysis
  • Financial management reporting
23 Nov, 2018
Full Time
Johanna He
+86 10 5775 8378