Digital Marketing Manager

Job description



  • 五百强消费品公司。在所属领域处于leading地位。注重产品市场传播,market share及品牌知名度一直属于行业领先地位
  • 公司文化及团队氛围非常好


Job responsibilities:

  • Develop, update and execute local digital strategy in alignment with digital roadmap (including social media and crisis management
  • Informed decision making based on assessing new consumer / shopper trends through realtime data mining and interpretation of data
  • Maximise business value by using digital to drive cross functional (Marketing, Sales, CCSD, Corporate Communications, Consumer Service) collaboration, sharing and where appropriate integration
  • Direct consumer interaction through realtime interactions (CRM, social media platforms, etc.)
  • Delivery and execution of digital best practices and frameworks (via training, online sharing platforms and other means)
  • Selecting and Managing key partners, agencies, suppliers and platforms against digital plan


Job requirements:

  • Strong Digital & Social Marketing expertise (2-3 years). Experience in Social Media and/or eCommerce
  • Solid marketing experience (5 years above)
  • Ability to analyse, interpret and react to real time trends and data
  • Knowledge and experience in BBNW
  • Proven track record in delivering complex digital marketing projects
  • Has consistently demonstrated success in a number of challenging and diverse business situations
  • Strategic vision on digital brand development
  • Good Internet & social platforms technical and functional knowledge
  • Experience in managing signals to interpretate and react (real time analysis of trends and data, filtering, listening, adaptive – shorter lead times based on dynamic environmental changes)
  • Project management skills 
  • Strong relationship management skills and ability to lead and manage cross-functional teams 
4 Dec, 2018
Full Time
Stella Shi
+86 10 5775 8322