Warehouse Manager

Job description  





Job responsibilities:

  • To improve the procedure of warehouse and the standard working instruction, make sure the efficiency to be improved
  • To improve the lay out for warehouse; and make sure the utilization of warehouse can be improved
  • Working with import & export supervisor to set up the procedure of the bonded materials storage to meet the customs requirements
  • Make the plan for warehouse to achieve the department goals
  • Analyze the difference of the inventory, and make a plan for improvement
  • Monitor the inactive materials, and improve the cash flow
  • Monitor the inventory level of materials, to improve the cash flow
  • Make the training plan for warehouse team and make sure to improve the warehouse skill for them
  • Set up the requirements for 5S to keep the warehouse area clean and in order
  • Coordinate with each department to help warehouse achieve the target
  • Plan and arrange work to ensure that safe and healthful working conditions are maintained at all times for the employees, their supervisor and colleagues
  • Monitor the delivery base on the delivery plan, to make sure the delivery on time
  • Collect all information from customs clearance agency to ensure the import business successful
  • Provide transportation quotation for new projects to insure the quotation competitive
  • Inform employees of known or potential health hazards and risks, complying with legislative requirements and providing, maintaining proper work procedures, practices, standards and rules



2 Jul, 2018
Full Time
Automotive - Components
Gloria Gu
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