How Stressful Are You?

We recently conducted a survey on “How Stressful Are You“. The purpose of this survey is to understand how stressful are employees in China and what causes the stress. We have collected responses from 3,520 participants and have designed an infographic to summarise the results.

Some of the key findings:

  • 43% of employees in China say they work reasonable hours with less than 20 hours of overtime a week
  • Only 36%of employees look forward to going to work every morning
  • 85%of employees say their stress level at work are above moderate
  • Top 3 causes of stress at work are –Heavy Workload (27%), Unsupportive Boss (21%) and Tight Deadlines (17%)
  • 36%of employees think about quitting their jobs at least once or twice a month
  • 36%of employees take a 5-10 minutes short break only every 2-3 hours
  • 54%of employees exercise less than once a week

How Stressful Are you

According to the survey, work-related stress can highly affect the mental well-being and motivation of employees at work. So, as an employee how can you maintain a positive attitude towards your work? Here are some simple tips to help you manage stress at work:

  • Learn to say no. If work is pilling but your co-workers or boss continues to add on to your workload, it is best to explain to them how much you have on your plate. Let them know what you are working on at the moment and tell them you need to prioritize what is important.
  • Prioritise. Much have been said about prioritizing work but sometimes it can be difficult to do so with all the tight deadlines coming at the same time. Even so, it is good to list down the work on hand and decide which one should have your attention first.
  • Take short breaks.Taking short breaks at work make a lot of difference to how you manage your day. We all know that sitting long hours without moving can affect your physical health and not only that can block your mental capacity. All you need to do is stop having lunch at your desk or take a 5-minute walk around the office every hour and you will see a boost to your productivity.
  • Exercise. According to studies, exercise can greatly reduce stress by releasing endorphines – a morphine-like hormone that is responsible for the feeling of elation. In addition, regular exercise can help clear your mind which will in turn give you a new perspective when facing stressful problems at work.

Stress is understandably inevitable at work and there are always ways to manage them. If you’d like to speak to our consultants for more career advice, please email us at